FOSS4G SotM Oceania 2020 is taking place online on 20 November 2020. We have created an exciting program with you—the FOSS4G and OpenStreetMap community.

Keynote Speakers

An exciting lineup of thought-provoking keynote speakers.

Tom MacWright

Title: Ethics in Geo

Abstract: From the Mercator projection to Google Earth, geospatial technology has always had an ethical component and a close relationship with military and industrial forces. I'll replay the last few decades of development in this world, try to figure out where we are and what we can do about it.

Biography: Tom MacWright spent over a decade in the space of geospatial and visualization technology, leading projects at Development Seed, Mapbox, and Observable. He's a frequent writer and contributor to open source projects.

Grayson Cooke

Title:New Uses for Invalid Data: Satellite Imaging and “Path 99”

Abstract:“Path 99” is an art-science project designed for fulldome planetarium projection. Produced by media artist Grayson Cooke and sound artist Dugal McKinnon, and underpinned by a collaboration with Geoscience Australia and the Digital Earth Australia platform, this project uses satellite images of clouds to explore the weather and landscape of Path 99, an orbit of the Landsat 8 satellite that passes directly down the centre of Australia. In this talk I will provide an “open desktop” outline of the project, focusing on how the project merges GIS applications and processes with artistic and conceptual enquiry.

Biography:Born in New Zealand and based in Australia, Grayson Cooke is an interdisciplinary scholar and media artist, Associate Professor of Media at Southern Cross University. Grayson has exhibited and performed at major galleries and festivals internationally including the Japan Media Arts Festival, WRO Media Art Biennale and Imagine Science Film Festival in New York, and he has published widely in academic journals. He holds an interdisciplinary PhD from Concordia University in Montreal.


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