Canberra Hub FOSS4G SotM Oceania 2020



FOSS4G SotM Oceania 2020 - Canberra Hub is taking place in-person this November.

We’re creating an exciting program for you — the FOSS4G and OpenStreetMap community.

Here’s all you need to know to attend. Keep reading to learn about: what to expect at the conference, venue information, and how to get involved. Watch this space for information updates.

FOSS4G SotM Oceania - Yeah, we know that’s a mouthful. Here’s what it means.

So let’s break it down — ‘Free and Open Source Software for Geospatial’ or FOSS4G if you’re a fan of efficiency (we are) is the name given to the conferences of the Open Source Geospatial Foundation (OSGeo). OSGeo is a non-profit with a mission to foster and promote the adoption of open source geospatial technology. All of this is done within the broader context of open source software philosophy and participatory community driven development.

‘State of the Map’ or SotM is the conference of the OpenStreetMap Foundation (OSMF) which supports the development of a free and open editable world map. This takes the form of the community driven OpenStreetMap project.

What can I expect?

FOSS4G SotM Oceania belongs to you! It’s the chance to come together as a community to share knowledge and experience through conference sessions and social events.

The topics will be wide ranging and the attendees will be users, creators, business, academics, community mappers, and government.

Who’s gonna be there?

This conference is aimed at a broad swath of the community – developers, users, contributors, community mappers, academics, business, government and anyone interested in open source geospatial software and the OpenStreetMap project.

This is your chance to connect with and hear from developers creating the next generation of geospatial technology. Get ahead of the curve and find out what’s on the horizon. FOSS4G and State of the Map events attract a very diverse audience on the global stage – so strap in for amazing content.

Why should I go?

You’ll learn about cutting edge tech and what’s on the horizon, meet the experts and talk to them, and learn new skills. Get the chance to hear what others like yourself are doing and producing with their open source geospatial tools. Along the way you’ll meet up with old friends, make new ones, and share your experiences.

COVID safety

We’re monitoring the COVID situation closely and will make sure the conference is a safe and clean space in line with the latest guidance.

The number of tickets is limited by the size of the room and social-distancing guidelines. Hopefully these guidelines will be revised an allow us to increase the number of tickets available.


Tickets are available here.

Tickets are free, with a suggested donation of $50. All ticket proceeds will benefit OSGeo Oceania, the regional OSGeo organisation.

Contact Information

Email the hub manager here

Call for Presentations

Geoscience Australia is hosting the Free Open Source Software for Geospatial - State of the Map - Oceania conference, a hybrid online/in-person event, with in-person hubs being organised in cities across the region, from Perth in the west to Rarotonga in the east, and many places in between…including Canberra.

Transform your research, ideas, and best practices into a presentation at the FOSS4G SotM Oceania 2020 Conference. Spark the imagination and encourage dialogue on the topic of your choosing.

We want you to share your fascinating stories about open source geospatial, open data, and OpenStreetMap in Oceania. We’re looking for a diverse range of presenters including: women, people from a variety of ethnic backgrounds, young and old, urban and rural. To achieve this goal we need you to accept the challenge and put yourself forward, the community can’t wait to hear what you have to say!

The conference has two components at Geoscience Australia: [9am - 11am] An in-person Canberra Hub with presentations by people near you, and the opportunity to gather with old friends and meet new geospatial practitioners from your area. [12pm - 2pm] A broadcast of keynote presentations from across the region at GA, bringing the brightest and most thought-provoking ideas to the Canberra Hub. Follow the link below to submit your name and presentation details.

Submit your idea here.

Closing date for applications is Friday 6th November, 2020.


We wouldn’t be able to make any of this happen without our wonderful sponsors.

Contact the hub manager if your organisation would like to become a sponsor.

Conference Host

Geoscience Australia

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